Questions for Republicans

11 Questions Republicans wouldn’t answer

While Democrats are committed to be like Missouri’s own Harry Truman and just tell the truth, Republicans are not. Too long we have refrained from calling them out. We can no long afford to do that.  Our nation is on the precipice where one more wrong turn will send us crashing into the abyss. It is time to hold the Republicans’ feet to the fire by directly and consistently asking them valid questions for which they seem to have no answers.

  1. Republicans say that the public sector can’t create jobs. If so, who created so many of the jobs at Boeing, Lockheed, and Caterpillar? The tooth fairy?
  2. Republicans claim the way to a better economy is through more tax cuts to the wealthy “job creators”. The Bush tax cuts amount to $60 billion in tax cuts a year. Where are the jobs?
  3. You say Obama is cutting $500 billion in Medicare for seniors. What specifically are those cuts?
  4. Why do we need insurance companies?
    We understand the need for doctors, drugs, and hospitals; but what do insurance companies do for healthcare?  We are the only nation on earth that allows a profit on people getting sick.
  5. How do we expect our children to compete with Asian students, when their children go to school over 220 days a year while Missouri’s children go a national low of 174?
    Japanese children go 235 days a year.  This means Japanese children graduate from high school with an equivalent of 4 years more education than our children.
  6. You complain constantly about people who won’t work, but instead choose to be on welfare. If welfare recipients are doing that, they are breaking the law.  What is your plan to prosecute these law breakers?
  7. The US Supreme Court has ruled state governments can age discriminate against state  employees. In additon, they are not bound to pay overtime or  the federal minimum wage. Do you agree with the court?
  8. Former Republican National Committee head, Michael Steele, said only private industry can create jobs. In addition to insulting teachers, policemen, librarians, and firemen, does that mean the people at Boeing and Emerson Electric, working on defense contracts, are not worthy?
  9. America uses 26 percent of the world oil production, while we only have 2.2 percent of the world’s known reserves. How does the Republican plan of “drill baby drill” meet our needs?
  10. In Representative Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) budget, the Republican made drastic changes to Medicare by privatizing it and charging every future recipient $6,500 a year or more for Medicare coverage.  Republicans then boldly told Americans it was a better plan. If it was a better plan, why weren’t current Medicare recipients offered this new ‘better’ plan?
  11. Why do you allow payday loan scam artists to charge Missourians up to 1950 percent interest?  Congress had to step in and mandate our soldiers could not be charged more than 36 percent. Yet, Republicans have blocked legislation to cap interest at 36 percent for the rest of Missourians. Seventeen other states have a 36 percent cap on all loans. Why not Missouri?