Young Adults

 Why should young adults vote for the Democratic Party? After all, what you really want most is a good job. Isn’t the Republican Party the party of job  growth, while the Democrats are the party of job killing taxes? If you believe that, we’ve got an arch in downtown St. Louis we’d like to sell you. Here is the truth:

No. 1: Jobs

So, where are all the jobs, and a meaningful raise in pay?

In the last 2 years, those at the top have taken over $2 trillion to send 2 million of our jobs overseas. In the past thirty years, the amount of total income for the top 1 percent has gone from 8 percent to a staggering 24 percent.

Meanwhile, corporations  are sitting on another $2 trillion, but refusing to invest in plants and personnel. Instead they are doing like Express Scripts and buying out other businesses. That doesn’t create jobs; it eliminates jobs. The $28 billion Express Scripts used to buy Medco could have been used to create 56,000 jobs worth $50,000 a year.

How do we create jobs? Jobs will only be created when there is more demand and entrepreneurs have the resources to take advantage of that demand. Instead of giving the $60 billion Bush tax cut to the richest 1 percent, who are unwilling to invest in jobs, what if we gave $1000 to 60 million middle class taxpayers? The middle class would pour that $60 billion dollars right back into the economy. That additional demand (spending) would  create 1 million $60,000 a year jobs.

What about the raise you haven’t got;  or when you did, it was pathetic? In the 80’s, corporations would invest 20 percent or more of their profits in raises. Now, it is just a fraction of that.  The reason: Stock prices are geared to the corporate bottom line. So, your raise has gone to their bottom line.

Our economy has doubled in the last thirty years, yet 80 percent of the wealth created has gone to the upper 2 percent. For the first time since the Depression, average family income actually went down in the last ten years.

Democrats are fighting for tax cuts for the middle class and incentive packages to small businessmen who are creating 65 percent of all new jobs. Also, Democrats are leading the fight to bring jobs back from overseas and stop corporations from sheltering hundreds of billions of dollars in overseas untaxed accounts.

What about benefits like healthcare, vacations, and retirement.  Every year, healthcare takes a bigger and bigger bite out of our paycheck. Insurance companies take 18 percent of all healthcare money. For what? An insurance agent has never cured a patient. Yet, Republicans refuse to lessen the burden caused by insurance companies; or allow restraints on drug companies.

If you believe in a better business environment for those who actually create jobs,  greater oversight of those who have defrauded us, while working for better benefits for you: Come join us. We need your help.

No. 2: Higher Education


According to the New York Times, in the past twenty five years, college costs have risen almost  500 percent. Compare that to the much talked about healthcare cost, which went up about half as much. 

In addition, a larger and larger portion of the expense is born by the students. The University of Missouri system received only 25 percent of its income from tuition 20 years ago. It is now 40 percent.

The majority of our students get out of college with a mountain of debt and struggle for years to climb out of that debt.  They must postpone buying a house or having a family while paying back this massive obligation.

In the latest budget battle, Republicans caved in to Tea Baggers’ demands for slicing Pell Grants, while only Democrats sided with the students to stop these cuts.  Democrats believe higher education is the foundation of growth in our economy and support greater funding of our colleges.

If you believe in higher education: Come join us. We need your help

No. 3: The Environment

Democrats believe in climate change, but St. Charles County Congressmen Blaine Luetkemeyer and Todd Akin do not. They see the same pictures we all do of the polar ice caps melting, but they think the sun just had a bad day.  Their solution to climate change is a pathetic ‘drill, baby, drill’. America consumes over 25 percent of the world’s oil, but only has a little over 2 percent of the world’s known oil reserves. Republicans’ mantra of “Drill, baby, drill” does not even come close to a solution.

Democrats believe in investing in green energy and preserving our forests, wetlands and sea shores while Republicans only see dollar signs. Democrats want to hand our children a planet that is better than when it was handed to us.

If you enjoy a clear sky, pure water, and support clean energy: Come join us. We need your help.