50 Plus

If you are over fifty, over the last decade the world has gotten a whole lot scarier.  Longevity at your work is now a detriment rather than a source of security and pride. Medicare, which you have contributed to for decades, is now being cut by the butchers of the Republican party.  Republicans, like budget chief Paul Ryan, are set to drastically increase the co-pay of Medicare, and Missouri Congressman Todd Akin has even called Medicare unconstitutional.

Even Social Security may not escape the scalpel wielding Tea Party, with their leader Governor Rick Perry calling Social Security a ‘Ponzi Scheme’. 

To those over fifty, most worrying is the loss of job security in today’s top dog only oriented economy. Gone are the days of honoring those who served the longest and know the most. Instead loyalty, seniority and invaluable knowledge have been replaced by an expedient narrow minded mentality that younger workers are cheaper.

As you read below, keep this in mind.  The top 1 percent of earners have gone from 8 percent of all income in the Carter administration to 24 percent now.  In addition, their taxes have dropped 25 percent in the past fifteen years

Here are 3 pledges which Democrats make to those who have served this country the longest and the best.

No. 1 Job Security

Gone are the days of the job security increasing with longevity. More and more, age is a detriment to being retained during a layoff. Then age becomes a insurmountable barrier to ever being hired back at your previous status.  A recently released letter from a VP of Human Resources at a major St. Louis employer called for his company to drastically reduce the average age of their employees by at least 4 years.

In Gross v. Financial Services, the conservative Supreme Court threw older Americans under the bus by all but eliminating anyone from bringing a suit against their employees. The proof of employer age discrimination is now completely on the complainant.

Earlier the Rehnquist Court had ruled state employees could be openly discriminated against because of their age, by ruling state governments were excluded  from federal laws.  Our conservative court system has over and over ruled on the side of employer to the detriment of all employees, particularly seniors.

Who is going to stand up for the older workers? The Democrats will. Come join us! We need your help.

No. 2 Medicare

Akin & Ryan destroying Medicare

Under the Republican budget plan, The Path to Prosperity, authored by Paul Ryan,  Todd Akin, and Roy Blunt, future Medicare recipients will pay $6500 or more a year out of pocket. Again, top wage earning Americans are not being asked to contribute in relation to their wealth.

While the average taxpayer will be asked to make major sacrifices to insure Medicare is still viable for them in their senior years, members of Congress are making no sacrificial cuts to their healthcare. Congressmen or congresswomen with only 5 years of service can retire at 62 keeping their generous healthcare package for life.

You paid for Medicare, and Republicans are taking it away. Democrats will fight for it. Come join us! We need your help.

No 3: Social Security

Social Security is viable through 2037, even if we do nothing.  Currently, Social Security taxes  the first $106,800. Those earning more pay no more.  If we removed that cap, Social Security would be viable for the rest of this century. Instead, Republicans want you to work longer. Again, who alone feels the pain? We, the middle class, and the poor.  No shared sacrifice by the wealthy here.

What is of the greatest concern for those over fifty is the threat from Republicans to dramatically cut or even eliminate Social Security and Medicare. When Senator Mark Rubio (R-FL) feels secure enough to say Medicare and Social Security “weaken us as a people”, every senior should feel a chill going up their backs.

It is time for those over 50 to demand an explanation from Republicans.

Again, members of Congress can retire as early as 50, and with full benefits at 62; yet they want us to wait until 68-70. Under the latest Congressional retirement plan, the average member of Congress gets $60,967 a year in retirement. How does that compare to your retirement? Or are you like so many with no company retirement plan?

Democrats conceived and passed Social Security, and we will go to the wall for it. Come join us! We need your help.