The Big Tent

After the 2010 election Republican victory, conservative New York Times columnist David Brooks warned an over-exuberant Republican party that Republican victories are driven by anger, Democratic victories are driven by hope; and in the end altruism wins.

Democrats are committed to a justice America for all hard working and entrepreneurial citizens. It is Thomas Jefferson’s pledge of “all men are created equal”, coupled with our sacred Constitutional guarantees of justice and promotion of the general welfare, which have become the living creed of the Democratic Party.

If you desire to become wealthy, yet see nobility in a minimum wage working mother struggling to provide for her family: Come join us. We need your help.

If you believe all workers have the right to healthcare and a livable wage: Come join us. We need your help.

If your parents face an uncertain future because one of them became ill, or lost their lifelong partner or their job, then saw a lifetime of savings swept away in the tidal wave of the Bush recession, the Democrats are the only ones standing up for them: Come join us. We need your help.

If you have never looked down on a person except when you reached down to give them a hand up, you are the definition of hope: Come join us. We need your help.