Contact Politicians

The effectiveness of methods of contact from most effective to least effective are:

Face to face meeting

Face to face meetings with your representative and/or a relevant member of their staff are the most effective. A meeting usually needs to be arranged at least a week (and often more) in advance, and may be particularly difficult to organize for a day during weeks when legislators are in session.


A handwritten, or typed and signed letter, is the most effective means of communication (other than a face to face meeting). It is far more effective than photocopied form letters, postcard campaigns or emails. Some politicians regard handwritten letters more highly than typewritten letters (some of these are technologically illiterate, and some find it convenient to claim the sender probably just cut and pasted what someone else said without thinking about the issue themself).
See tips for writing letters later herein.

Telephone call

A phone call to your representative’s office is generally more effective than sending email, but is less effective than writing and mailing a letter.
•Fax: The effectiveness of fax communication is higher than email, but less than a mailed letter and roughly equivalent to a phone call.


Email is by far the least effective way of communicating your views to your representative/s. Some politicians regard email as “second class mail” and some do not even read email. Others receive so much email that they and their staff have difficulty managing it.