Gigantic Win for our Candidates–Obama, McCaskill, Nixon, Koster, Zweifel, and Kander!

More people voted for Obama than did for Bush 8 years earlier.  What a victory.  He did not need MO for the win, but thankfully due to your hard work our president will have Claire McCaskill’s help in the Senate.

Did you see the numbers?  Across the state our Dem numbers looked good, but the most fantastic results from Nov 6 were the number of votes we were able to pull out of St Charles County.

With 89,993 votes Claire McCaskill pulled more votes out of St. Charles County than the combined total of the 30 smallest counties in MO.  And once those voters were in the Dem column for Claire they stayed on that side to vote Nixon and Koster who also won in St. Charles County.  We can be proud of the tremendous GOTV operation we had here and the hundred’s of volunteers who brought out those Dems who stayed home in 2010.

St. Charles County Election Results

Bill Otto won his race for the Missouri 70th House District that covers part of St. Charles County.  We had a great slate of Democratic Candidates that we can all be proud of!